Cultivator 1500W - 450mm POWXG72010



The cultivator allows you to work quickly and efficiently. Using this 1500 W cultivator to till soil is a piece of cake and saves you time, compared to manually ploughing or tilling your lawn.

What can you do with this cultivator?

This POWXG72010 ensures the soil in your garden receives more oxygen, making it more fertile for seeds and plants. Additionally, the cultivator loosens weeds and other unwanted plants, so they can be easily removed. The garden tool also makes it easier to till the soil, because the tilling happens more evenly and doesn’t leave you with large clumps of soil.

Its strong points:

Powerful: This cultivator is equipped with a powerful 1500 W motor, allowing you to upturn and loosen soil in no time, and get it ready for planting.

Lightweight: At just 10200 g this cultivator is a real lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre and control. It provides optimal user comfort, even when you’re working for longer periods of time.

Compact: With its compact design and working width of 450 mm, this cultivator equipped with 6 # steel blades (blade thickness: 1,5 mm), is ideal for small to midsized gardens. Use it to quickly and efficiently loosen up soil and then easily store it away when you're done.

Silent and ecological: Because this cultivator works on electricity, it produces less noise, requires less maintenance and is the more ecological choice compared to a fuel-powered cultivator.

Self-propelled: Because this cultivator is self-propelled, it provides added stability and lets you work without effort. No need to push, let the cultivator do its thing.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Objects that come into contact with the rotating blades can be propelled at high speeds and cause serious injuries. Before getting started, clear your work area of loose branches, rocks, wiring, glass and so on.
  • While tilling, rocks or roots might become stuck between the blades. Tall grass or plants could also twist themselves around the blade axles. Switch off the tool completely and then remove all foreign objects, both from the blades and their axle. Afterwards, you can clean the blades with some lukewarm water. Don’t forget to regularly sharpen the blades or have them sharpened, to guarantee the best results.

Its key technical specifications:

  • Rated power: 1500 W
  • Max. working depth: 220 mm
  • Max. working width: 450 mm
  • Number of blades: 6 #
  • Blade thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Power cable length: 0.35 m

What is included?

  • 1x cultivator
  • 1x bike handle
  • 1x lower handle
  • 2x wheel set
  • 4x fixing knob
  • 2x cable clamp
  • 1x manual

Specifications summary

Technical specifications

Box content

Manual included
Depth regulator included


Rated Voltage AC min (Un)
230 V
Rated Voltage AC max (Un)
240 V
Rated frequency (fn) max
50 Hz
Rated power (Pn) min
1500 W
Rated power (Pn) max
1500 W
Power cable length
0.35 m
Max. cutting depth (mm)
220 mm
Working width max
450 mm
Self - propelled
Adjustable handle height
Electronic speed control
Forward/reverse switch
Overload protection
Number of knives
6 #
Knife thickness
1,5 mm
Wheel diameter
148 mm
Number of speed settings
Backward rotating speed
0 km/h
Soft grip
Swivel ball cable restraint
Soft start motor
Adjustable speed
Guiding wheel(s)
Power indicator
Rubber power cable
Rotation speed (n) max
400 min-1
General warranty
36 MO.
Working width min
450 mm


Package Qty Length Width Height Weight Net weight
IN 1 47 cm 33.5 cm 58 cm 12.3 kg 12.3 kg
OUT 1 47 cm 33.5 cm 58 cm 12.3 kg 12.3 kg
ST 1 48 cm 57.4 cm 32.8 cm 12.1 kg 12.1 kg
PAL 15 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 181.53 kg 0 kg

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