Heat gun 2000W - 5 acc. POWX1025


This heat gun is suitable for drying, thawing, stripping paint, soldering pipes, shrinking PVC or welding plastics. The temperature is adjustable and has a range from 50°C to 630°C. A digital display indicates the exact chosen temperature. The air flow can be changed as well. It starts at 200l/min and at the highest temperature it has a continuous air stream of 500l/min.

To ensure a safe use there is a constant heat control with overload protection. A stainless steel scraper and 4 different nozzles are included. There is a spreader nozzle (to spread the heat), a reduction nozzle (to concentrate the heat), a reflector nozzle (for soldering pipes) and a protection nozzle (to protect glass). The scraper is intended for stripping paint and varnish.

Specifications summary

Technical specifications

Box content

Manual included
Number of nozzles included 4
Number of Scrapers included 1
Reflector nozzle included
Reduction nozzle included
Glass protection nozzle included
Spreader nozzle included
Pear shaped scraper included
Three sided scraper included
Putty knife included


Compatible categories
Rated Voltage AC min (Un)
Rated Voltage AC max (Un)
Rated frequency (fn) max
Rated power (Pn) min
Rated power (Pn) max
Sound Power Level (LwA)
Power cable length
Max. temperature
Constant heat control
Cool Grip
Overload protection
Adjustable Temperature
Low weight
Storage case
Soft grip
LCD indicator
Power indicator
Rubber power cable
Heat gun
Weed burner
BBQ lighter
General warranty


Package Qty Length Width Height Weight Net weight
IN 1 33 cm 12 cm 29.5 cm 2.64 kg 2.64 kg
ST 1 33 cm 12 cm 29.5 cm 2.64 kg 2.64 kg
OUT 6 68 cm 38 cm 31.5 cm 16.76 kg 16.76 kg
PAL 90 120 cm 80 cm 200 cm 237.6 kg 1 kg

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