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VARO 1958

Vic Van Rompuy starts a wholesale hardware business, known as VARO, in Mortsel, near Antwerp.

VARO 1975

Varo enjoys continuous growth and when daughter Let Van Rompuy joins the team, the development of the company continues. The company is now an important distributor of DIY equipment and trades European-made products and a couple of private labels from the growing Asian manufacturing market.

VARO 1997

Grandson Jeroen Nys takes over the company. Varo now focuses strongly on the ever-growing Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturing markets. New markets are being targeted and the company takes an enormous leap forward.

VARO 2001

Our sister company Varo Iberica Bricolage is set up to develop our brand and presence in Spain and Portugal.

VARO 2005

To support the distribution outside Europe, Varo opens a new sales and trading department in Hong Kong.

VARO 2006

Move to the new industrial estate in Lier, Varo's base of operations. The location has a gigantic storage area, modern offices and a welcoming showroom.


Varo opens a new office in Shanghai, from where we can closely monitor the Chinese production market. A specialized team takes cares of the quality control (QA/CQ) of our products and verifies the production of packagings.

VARO 2012

In 2012, Varo opens a new office in Australia to also guarantee the presence of our brands in this region. From Australia, we work together closely with our suppliers and offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

VARO Present

Today Varo is known as one of Europe's leading companies in worldwide distribution of hand tools, power tools and garden equipment.


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