Dual Power Father's day box

Need inspiration for father’s day? Treat your husband to a Dual Power Father’s Day Box!

Your husband has always ideas for DIY-jobs in the house? So he is always looking for equipment to complete his tool box? And he prefers battery operated tools he can use anywhere? In that case, Dual Power is an excellent choice. On top of that you get lots of advantages by purchasing this box filled with cordless tools at a record price. And... maybe there’s something in it for you too.

A Dual Power set to work ánd relax with the entire family: Work hard – Play hard. – Let the sun shine!

  • Box Allibert with surprises for the entire family with a value of €25,10
  • Inflatable duck XXL with a value of €28,95
  • “Scratch-and-win”-ticket and Hubo discount vouchers
  • Dual Power set:
    • Drill/screwdriver 20V POWDP1511 with a value of €79,99
    • Compressor 20V POWDP7040 with a value of €39,99
    • 20V battery and charger POWDP9060 with a value of €59,99
  • After registration you will receive furthermore:
    • LED light 20V Li-ion POWDP8010 with a value of €19,99
    • Additional 20V battery POWDP9010 with a value of €37,99
father's day box
Order online at the HUBO website before Monday, 3 June 2019 (or while stocks last).

These solid and user-friendly Dual Power machines deserve a place in dad’s working space! You know why?

The Powerplus drill/screwdriver helps you tackle various screw and drill jobs. It offers you power in and around the house and is easy to hold. You drill holes in wood and never screw too deep thanks to the 22 torque positions. Assemble furniture together or finally hang those holiday pictures on the wall. Sunday afternoon becomes a real family day.

With the compact compressor you regulate the tyre pressure of your car, but you also let the air out of swimming pools. You inflate footballs, bicycle tyres and even car tyres. Its powerful 20V battery makes the compressor ideal for use on the move. So you can inflate a football immediately on the field and from now on you verify the tyre pressure of your caravan at the camping site itself.

Both tools are powered by a solid Li-ion battery charged in the Dual Power charger. The durable Dual Power system offers you quality tools with a longer lifetime: easier to maintain than petrol engines and more environment-friendly without inconvenient emissions.

Register and get even more gifts

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also receive a 20V Li-ion LED light and an additional 20V battery. Father’s tool box will be even more up-to-date. The light lets you work in safety ánd with the necessary precision, also in poorly lit spaces. You use the extra battery while you charge the other one.

Register after collecting the Father’s day box in the Hubo shop of your choice. Use the Hubo purchase receipt you receive when you collect the box.

Why Dual Power?

The Dual Power tools are particularly useful, as you carry them anywhere and you are able to work in hard to reach corners. You carry out your DIY and gardening jobs with a large freedom of movement and without restriction of a cable. Besides, the powerful Dual Power battery platform is compatible with more than 50 tools. You are thus very flexible, as you quickly switch between all your Dual Power devices and save money. No need of a second battery and charger when purchasing extra tools. Plenty of reasons and ideas for next presents!

Order online at the HUBO website before Monday, 3 June 2019 (or while stocks last).
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