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POWAIR0321 NAILS B 20mm 1000PCS

2000 nails type B for pneumatic nailers. They are 20mm long and have a wire thickness of 1,00 x 1,25 mm.
Their head is 1,8mm wide.
  • specifications
  • Wire depth 1 mm
  • Crown 1.8 mm
  • Length 20 mm
  • Quantity 1000 #
  • Material zinc
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Compatible Airpress nail type48129 45441-5
Compatible BlacknDecker nail typepowershot
Compatible Bosch nail typeptk14e ptk19
Compatible Kreator nail typea
Compatible PowAir nail typeb
Compatible Rapid nail typer64 r83 r213
Compatible Rocafix nail typems30, ms35, ms40
Compatible Stanley Bostitch nail typest14 tr200 tre500 va
Crown1.8 mm
Length20 mm
Packaging Typestapled slide bliste
Quantity1000 #
Useallround (medium)
Use for cabinetry
Use for construction
Use for furniture
Use for picture frame
Use for soft wood
Wire depth1 mm
Wire gauge18
Wire thickness1.25 mm
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