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This cordless Dual Power LED light works on a powerful 20V or 40V battery (not included). You place or even hang the light where it suits you the best. So you always have a clear view on your job and you are more focussed, also when there’s no socket nearby. The POWDP8030 has 2 light intensities that can easily be changed by pressing the button. The energy saving LEDs
of max. 1800 lumen shine during no less than 30.000 hours.

The 20V Li-ion battery POWDP9010 with 1h charging time and the 40V Li-ion battery POWDP9035 with 2,5h charging time fit both on this LED light. You combine the 20V and 40V batteries with the whole range of power and gardening tools of Dual Power. No cables or cords that are bothering you and you will also save money, because you don’t have to buy a new battery for every tool.

  • specifications
  • Lumen 1800 lm
  • Lifespan bulb 30000 h
  • Rated Voltage DC (Un) 20 v=
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Colour temperature6500 k
Compatible Category 4tool box powdp
Int.Protection Degreeip20
Lifespan bulb30000 h
Lumen1800 lm
Nominal lifetime30000 h
Protection Classclass iii
Rated power (Pn) max20 w
Rated power (Pn) min20 w
Rated Voltage DC (Un)20 v=
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