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This DUAL POWER set contains a 40V lawnmower, a 20V grass trimmer, a 40V battery and a charger. You have everything at hand to keep your lawn in top condition. Moreover, you will do this without the noise and smell of a petrol engine, but with the ease of a battery operated tool.

POWDPG7561 (lawnmower)
The Dual Power POWDPG7561 is a cordless, durable 40V lawnmower with a cutting width of 37cm. You easily mow gardens up to 250m2 and choose how short you want to mow your lawn (6 positions between 25 and 75mm). Besides gathering the grass in the large 35l collection bag, you can also use a rear discharge or mulching function. Its brushless motor makes this lawnmower even more powerful and durable. In this way, you experience less vibration and lose less time maintaining your machine. The 40V battery is not included.

POWDPG75410 (grass trimmer)
This set with lawnmower includes a cordless, compact Dual Power grass trimmer too, so you definitely are sure to get a perfect finished garden. Thanks to the adjustable trimming angle you are able to trim lawn edges most efficiently. You can cut accurately around driveways and trees, as the edge roller is your perfect guide. Extend the telescopic shaft up to 732mm and adjust the second handle for a perfect trimming position. The thread lengthens automatically and you hold the device comfortably with the soft grip.

POWDP9037 (Samsung 2.5Ah battery)
The supplied 40V battery fits both the 40V lawnmower and the 20V grass trimmer and is compatible with the entire Dual Power range. Thanks to the 40V battery you can work twice as long with the 20V grass trimmer, compared to working with a 20V battery. You get a battery with Samsung cells and a high capacity of 2.5Ah.

POWDP9051 (charger) 20/40V 4.0Ah
Your DUAL POWER battery is empty? Charging the 40V battery takes 2 - 2,5 hours. Charging the 20V battery takes only +/- 40min. The charger is designed for the 20V and 40V DUAL POWER battery.


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