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POWX900 HOIST 500W 100/200KG

This 500W hoist can be used in a single line cable configuration for a greater lifting distance (12m) or in a double line cable configuration for a greater hoisting capacity (200kg). The cable is made of strong steel and the control box is equipped with an emergency stop, so you can work in all safety. Two hooks and fixation clamps are included.
  • specifications
  • Wire length 12 m
  • Lifting weight single load 100 kg
  • Lifting height double load 6 m
  • Lifting height single load 12 m
  • Rated power (Pn) max 500 w
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Cable Length0.6 m
Cable Thickness3 mm
Control cable - length1.5 m
Electric motor typeinduction
Int.Protection Degreeip54
Lifting height double load6 m
Lifting height single load12 m
Lifting speed double load4 m/min
Lifting speed single load8 m/min
Lifting weight double load200 kg
Lifting weight single load100 kg
Load hook
Load pulley hook
Packaging Typecolor box
Protection Classclass i
Rated frequency (fn) max50 hz
Rated power (Pn) max500 w
Rated power max duty cycles3 20% - 10 min
Rated Voltage AC (Un)230 v~
Secondary colorblack
Sound Power Level (LwA)71 db(a)
Steel wire
Wire Diameter3 mm
Wire length12 m
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