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The pneumatic staplers and nailers can be used for almost any finish, furniture, cabinetry, panelling, trim, or craft application. Compared to hand-powered models they save you time, reduce the user fatigue and increase productivity. They are the ideal tools for precise results.
  • specifications
  • Quick jam removal function
  • Air debit (capacity) 78.68 l/min
  • Air Pressure 8.3 bar
  • Maximum length staples 32 mm
  • Maximum length nails 32 mm
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Accessoires (also available)powair0258, powoil016
Adjustable firing depth
Air debit (capacity)78.68 l/min
Air inlet connection diameter1/4"
Air inlet connection gendermale
Air inlet connection typequick euro
Air Pressure8.3 bar
Compatible Category 4comp air catt<360l
Compatible Kreator nail typea
Compatible Kreator staple typed
Crown nails max1.8 mm
Crown nails min5.7 mm
Crown staples max6 mm
Easy drop-in loading
Empty bottle
Euro male coupler0 #
Euro/orion female coupler0 #
Firing Capacity180 /min
Hex key(s)2 #
Magazine capacity100 #
Material housingaluminium
Maximum length nails32 mm
Maximum length staples32 mm
Minimum length nails15 mm
Minimum length staples16 mm
Nail wire depth1.25 mm
Nail wire gauge18
Nail wire thickness1 mm
Nails 15mm0 #
Nails 20mm500 #
Nails 25mm0 #
Nails 32mm500 #
Nails 40mm0 #
Nails 50mm0 #
Nails 64mm0 #
Orion male coupler0 #
Packaging Typecolor box
Packing typecolor box
Power sourcepneumatic
Quick jam removal function
Secondary colorblack
Soft grip
Sound Power Level (LwA)101 db(a)
Sound Pressure Level (LpA)88 db(a)
Staple wire depth1.2 mm
Staple wire gauge18
Staple wire thickness1.1 mm
Staples 14mm0 #
Staples 16mm500 #
Staples 25mm500 #
Staples 38mm0 #
Wrench(es)0 #
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