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With this compact stapler and nailer from Powerplus you carry out plenty of jobs quickly and very easily with just one device. You use it for instance to fasten wire netting, felt, cardboard or fabric to wood.  Both staples and nails can be fired in place at a rate of 20 per minute. The device has a magazine for 100 nails with a max. length of 16mm long and 100 staples with a max. length of 14mm. It comes with a convenient BMC, so you have everything you need within reach. Through the magazine window you can see how many pieces are still left and thanks to the safety tip on the nose of the machine you can work safely. 200 14mm staples and 100 15mm nails are included, so you can start working right away.
  • specifications
  • Quick jam removal function
  • Firing Capacity /min
  • Maximum length staples mm
  • Maximum length nails mm
  • Rated power (Pn) max w
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Accessoires (also available)
Adjustable firing depth
Cable Lengthm
Compatible Category 4
Compatible Kreator nail type
Compatible Kreator staple type
Consumables level visible
Crown nails maxmm
Crown nails minmm
Crown staples maxmm
Easy drop-in loading
Electrical plug type
Firing Capacity/min
Handle type
Int.Protection Degree
Maximum length nailsmm
Maximum length staplesmm
Maximum width staplesmm
Minimum length nailsmm
Minimum length staplesmm
Nail wire depthmm
Nail wire gauge
Nail wire thicknessmm
Nails 15mm#
Nails 20mm#
Nails 25mm#
Nails 32mm#
Nails 40mm#
Nails 50mm#
Nails 64mm#
Operation battery or transformer
Packaging Type
Packing type
Power source
Protection Class
Quick jam removal function
Rated currenta
Rated frequency (fn) maxhz
Rated power (Pn) maxw
Rated power (Pn) minw
Rated power max duty cycle
Rated power min duty cycle
Rated Voltage AC (Un)v~
Safety contact nose
Secondary color
Soft grip
Soft touch housing
Sound Power Level (LwA)db(a)
Sound Pressure Level (LpA)db(a)
Staple wire depthmm
Staple wire gauge
Staple wire thicknessmm
Staples 14mm#
Staples 16mm#
Staples 25mm#
Staples 38mm#
Staples/Nails level indicator
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