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Sanding ceilings and high walls is a quick and easy job with this drywall sander. The long reach allows you to comfortably stay on the ground instead of balancing on a ladder. The sander’s swivelmounted head adapts to the angle of the surface, enabling you to sand a large area without changing position. The result? You can sand 3 to 4 time faster than with a conventional sander.

You will end up with a perfect smooth surface as the cushioned swirling pad will eliminate swirl marks.

To efficiently reach into corners, change the circular pad with the triangular pad. The discs are easily changeable and thanks to the hook and loop system you can quickly replace the sandpapers as well.

To minimize the amount of dust in the air, the POWX0477 can be attached to an industrial vacuum cleaner. The lightweight sander is delivered in a carry bag with 6 circular and 6 triangular sandpapers.

  • specifications
  • Hook & loop system
  • Electronic speed control
  • Use for drywall
  • Sanding surface diameter 225 mm
  • Rated power (Pn) max 710 w
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Accessoires (also available)krt232004, krt232006, krt232007, krt232008, krt232009, krt232011, krt232504, krt232506, krt232509, powx330
Auxiliary handle
Base materialaluminium
Cable Length4 m
Carrying bag
Compatible Category 4vacuum adapter
Disc diameter225 mm
Dust extraction typeconnect vacl
Dust extraction vacuum
Electric motor typebrushed
Electrical plug typee+f cee 7/17 u 16
Electronic speed control
Gear housing materialmagnesium die cast
Hook & loop system
Lock-on button (continuous use)
Movements circular max3000 min-1
Movements circular min1200 min-1
Movements triangular max12000 min-1
Movements triangular min6000 min-1
Oscillations width1.5 mm
Packaging Typecolor box
Power sourceelec ac power
Protection Classclass ii
Rated frequency (fn) max50 hz
Rated power (Pn) max710 w
Rated Voltage AC (Un)230-240 v~
Rotation speed (n) max1500 min-1
Rotation speed (n) min600 min-1
Rotation speed circular sander max1500 min-1
Rotation speed circular sander min600 min-1
Rotation speed triangular sander max6000 min-1
Rotation speed triangular sander min3000 min-1
Sanding paper shapecircular
Sanding paper shape (2)triangular
Sanding surface diameter225 mm
Sanding surface, round225 mm
Sanding surface, triangular285 mm
Sandpaper circular G1002 #
Sandpaper circular G2402 #
Sandpaper circular G602 #
Sandpaper triangular G1002 #
Sandpaper triangular G2402 #
Sandpaper triangular G602 #
Second handle typeguide handle
Secondary colorblack
Shaft typestraight
Soft grip
Sound Power Level (LwA)94 db(a)
Sound Pressure Level (LpA)83 db(a)
Use for big surfaces
Use for drywall
Use for paint removal
Use for wood
Vacuum cleaner hose
Vibration reduction system
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