New Dual Power strength

Enjoyed your barbecue? Finished your chores in the workplace? Now it’s time to clean up. But how do you proceed most efficiently and which tools do you use? Can you use your vacuum cleaner? Or are other appliances more suitable for this kind of job?

Discover our 3 new 20V tools and expand your Dual Power range at the same time!

20l ash cleaner

A cosy open fire or a relaxed barbecue with friends have one thing in common: the powerful POWDP6020 ash cleaner as a useful tool to help you remove the ashes afterwards.

Ash cleaner POWDP6020
Ash cleaner POWDP6020

This Dual Power ash cleaner with high efficiency filter is not only ideal to remove cooled ashes or charcoal remains, but also works to remove sawdust. Through vibrations of the filter, the dirt falls into the tank of the ash cleaner and you still have enough power to continue cleaning. The high efficiency filter avoids the release of even the tiniest particles of dirt in the air, so you can clean in a safe and healthy working environment. The POWDP6020 comes with a large 20l tank and a 2-metre hose with aluminium suction mouth. The cordless Dual Power ash cleaner allows you to work without hindrance.

Enjoy the convenience of cordless vacuuming

Before your friends come over, just quickly whip round with your cordless Dual Power vacuum cleaner. Cordless? Yes, that’s right: Powerplus has cordless vacuum cleaners in its Dual Power range. You can clean your whole living room, kitchen and even the patio in an instant, without having to plug in once.

20l and 30l vacuum cleaners wet/dry

The new cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner of Dual Power does the whole house without you needing to stop to find the next socket. It is the perfect tool for indoor and outdoor use, as the device is able to vacuum or blow. The blow function helps for instance with removing leaves from your patio. Thanks to the HEPA filter you can even collect the finest dust particles.

With its 20l stainless steel tank, the POWDP6040 is a solid machine. Its wheeled base and 1.5m flexible hose make the machine very easy to operate. A set of accessories is provided, including a floor brush, a 2-in-1 brush and a 3-piece tube, so you have everything you need for each application.

Our POWDP6050 model has an even larger stainless steel tank of 30l, as well as a durable brushless motor for a longer lifespan. The water outlet releases the absorbed water, so you don’t get dirty hands. Its 3m flexible hose and high trolley handle ensure additional work comfort. With the 770mm stainless steel telescopic tube you can finally get to clean hard-to-reach places.

Vacuum cleaner wet/dry POWDP6050
20V battery

The tools are powered by a powerful Li-ion battery. The 20V battery is not included. You simply click it onto any 20V tool of the Dual Power range. If you slide a 40V battery onto these 20V tools, you can extend the running time of these tools considerably, which means you can keep working a whole lot longer.

Why Dual Power?

Powerful, flexible, durable and budget-friendly
  • The Dual Power devices are particularly useful, as you carry them anywhere and you are able to work in hard to reach corners.
  • You can carry out your DIY and gardening tasks with extensive freedom of movement and without the restriction of a cable.
  • It is much kinder to the environment and much quieter than using petrol engines.
  • Less time spent on maintenance.
  • The powerful Dual Power battery platform is compatible with more than 50 tools.
  • Greater flexibility as you quickly switch between all your Dual Power devices and so you save money.
  • No need for a second battery and charger when purchasing extra tools. Plenty of reasons and choices to expand your range of tools!
Still need a reason to choose Dual Power?

Battery technology is the future and Powerplus knows it. We keep on investing in Dual Power and expanding the range with practical and powerful cordless tools. So your opportunities only get wider too.

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