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This 20V Powerplus inflator/deflator inflates the swimming pool of the kids, but doesn’t abandon you either when letting the air out afterwards. On the one hand, the device disposes of a hose for inflating balls or air mattresses for instance. You connect it to the air outlet for inflating and to the air inlet for deflating. On the other hand the tool has a hose for inflating e.g. car tyres. You just press the button to choose between the two possibilities.

The POWDP7040 is very compact and its powerful 20V battery makes the tool ideal for use on the move. So you can inflate a football or basketball immediately on the field or in the sports centre.

The maximum working pressure of this compressor amounts to 11 bar. It inflates 20l/min at high pressure and 360l/min at low pressure, whereas it deflates 360l/min. The practical display shows you at which pressure you’re inflating or deflating. Furthermore you are able to set the desired pressure. Quickly inflating your bicycle tyres in the morning or late at night is also possible thanks to the lamp provided for that purpose.

The device comes with a three-piece adapter set for connecting air mattresses, beach balls and car tyres. They fit neatly in the storage spaces on the tool itself, just like the power cable and hoses. They don’t stay lying around and won’t get lost.

  • specifications
  • Air debit (capacity) 30 l/min
  • Rated pressure 3 bar
  • Rated Voltage DC (Un) 20 v=
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Air debit (capacity)30 l/min
Battery connectionslide-on
Electric motor typebrushed
Int.Protection Degreeipx0
Rated pressure3 bar
Rated Voltage DC (Un)20 v=
Sound Power Level (LwA)93 db(a)
Sound Pressure Level (LpA)77 db(a)


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