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The 96W multi-function sharpener POWX1350 accurately grinds correct tip angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges of all drill bits (Ø3-13mm), knives, scissors, chisels, planers (6-51mm) and other plain edge cutting devices. The POWX1350 ensures a fine, razor sharp finish on a large range of implements. 3 separate modules are included to master all these sharpening applications. The grinding jig has all the angles for correct tip geometry built in.

The multifunction sharpener is compact and easy and safe to operate. It accurately positions each type of bit over the wheels to give the correct tip and relief angles. Even high speed drill bits can be sharpened by POWX1350. It also re-edges and re-points a whole range of small tools such as knives, scissors and plain edge chisels.

  • specifications
  • Knife sharpening slot
  • Scissors sharpening slot
  • Drill sharpening slot
  • Rotation speed (n) max 1350 min-1
  • Rated power (Pn) max 96 w
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Accessoires (also available)
Adjustable grinding angle
Bore sizemm
Cable Length2 m
Chisel Guide
Chisel sharpening slot
Compatible Category 4
Disc diameter56 mm
Drill diameter max.13 mm
Drill diameter min.4 mm
Drill sharpening slot
Electric motor typebrushed
Electrical plug typee+f cee 7/17 u 10
Int.Protection Degreeipx0
Knife sharpening slot
Max. grinding angle50 °
Max.chisel/plane width51 mm
Min. grinding angle15 °
Min.chisel/plane width6 mm
Packaging Typecolor box
Plane sharpening slot
Protection Classclass ii
Rated frequency (fn) max50 hz
Rated power (Pn) max96 w
Rated power (Pn) minw
Rated power max duty cycles3 30%
Rated power min duty cycle
Rated Voltage AC (Un)230-240 v~
Rotation speed (n) max1350 min-1
Rotation speed (n) minmin-1
Scissors sharpening slot
Secondary colorblack
Sound Power Level (LwA)94 db(a)
Sound Pressure Level (LpA)78 db(a)
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