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This heat gun emits hot air at a temperature of 450°C or 600°C (and at 50°C to reduce the cooling time after working). The lower temperature of 450°C is perfect for drying paint or wet timber, removing stickers, thawing frozen pipes or waxing. The higher temperature of 600°C is suitable for bending plastic pipes, loosening nuts and bolts and removing paint.

It is equipped with an ergonomically designed D-shaped handle and has a cool zone grip at the front. The heat gun comes with 2 different nozzles: a reduction nozzle to concentrate the heat and a spreader nozzle to spread the heat.
  • specifications
  • Heat Setting 2 450 °c
  • Heat Setting 1 50 °c
  • Air Setting II 500 l/min
  • Air Setting I 500 l/min
  • Rated power (Pn) max 2000 w
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Adjustable Temperature
Air Setting I500 l/min
Air Setting II500 l/min
Air setting III500 l/min
Cable Length4 m
Cool Grip
Electrical plug typee+f cee 7/17 u 16
Handle typed-handle
Heat Setting 150 °c
Heat Setting 2450 °c
Heat Setting 3600 °c
Packaging Typecolor box
Protection Classclass ii
Rated frequency (fn) max50 hz
Rated power (Pn) max2000 w
Rated Voltage AC (Un)220-240 v~
Reduction nozzle
Rubber power cable
Soft grip
Spare nozzles included2 #
Spreader nozzle
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