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To cater to its continuous expansion, VARO owns his own warehouse space. A huge amount of pallets is kept permanently in stock. This reserve provides the required flexibility and guarantees continuous availability and rapid national and international deliveries to our clients. A tight collaboration between our purchase and sales department results in a quick service to our clients.

Our order picking and logistics are centralised mainly in Lier. Every year, over 3.500 containers are imported and more than 1.000 000 order lines are processed. VARO supervises the entire process from prototype to end product in the shop. All product labels and packagings, our catalogues, websites and point of sales materials are designed inhouse by specialised graphic designers.

VARO provides its clients with its own displays, posters and presentation materials. And this in turn stimulates the introduction of new products. A merchandising team is responsible for installing new product concepts, guaranteeing that VARO products are presented exquisitely and ensuring the showrooms always look attractive. Our sister company Varo Iberica Bricolage has been set up in 2001 to develop our brand and presence in Spain and Portugal. To support the purchase and sale department we also opened our own office in Hong Kong, taking care of the international distribution.

Since the end of 2006 they are supported by our new office in Shanghai, from where we can closely monitor the Chinese production market.

Technical specialists oversee the quality control of our products. Thanks to our experience with the Chinese production market we are able to provide high-quality products. All machines are assembled in the most modern companies, carefully and exhaustively tested. VARO is proud to be able to offer firmly high-quality tools at costumer-oriented prices.

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