Varo is an expert with more than 50 years of experience in the worldwide distribution of do-it-yourself material. The company offers a large range of power tools, garden tools, hand tools and accessories known by the name of its house brands Varo, Powerplus and Kreator or private labels.

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There’s no doubt that any handyman will find the adequate power tool in our large range of electrical tools. You can choose out of saws, tile cutters, drills, … It’s our pleasure to expose a large range of garden tools for every gardening lover: brush cutters, grass trimmers, shredders, lawnmowers,  cultivators, chainsaws, …
Kreator hand tools, accessories and safety items offer all the material a handyman needs at the best price-quality relation. You name it, we’ve got it!

Dual Power

Powerplus E-Line

Powerplus Garden

Powerplus C-Line
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Powerplus Garden Tools 2017
Have a look in our new garden catalogue 2017. Lots of novelties this time, such as a brand-new budget line for the garden: Powerplus E Garden (POWEG).
The new budget “C-Line” consists of a small selection of 8 power tools, carefully picked out in order to cover every important DIY product group. You can recognize the Opening Price Point range (OPP) by their cool grey colour. Warranted for two years.
We truly believe in our brand-new WOCTA LED lights. This is why we offer a 10-year warranty on the complete range. The high-quality LED lights have an outstanding service life of over 100.000 operating hours and emit over 50% more light brightness. They can be used indoor and outdoor.
Four mini saws, one handed operation
We like to present our four mini saws with rear motor. They combine the power of a big saw with a higher cutting precision and greater flexibility.
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